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String of bright lights fly across local sky

Bundaberg residents said they saw a string of bright lights similar to SpaceX satellites which created a light trail in night sky. (This video was not filmed in Bundaberg)

Sky gazers across the Bundaberg Region were left a little intrigued on Friday evening as a string of bright lights were seen rocketing across the sky.

Moore Park Beach resident Michael Boon, along with his wife Felicity Boon, and housemate Jess Rogers, saw the bright string of lights at about 7.05pm.

Michael said they watched the lights fly across the sky for almost half a minute and they were gobsmacked by the sight.

“My wife, roommate and I only saw them for about 20-30 seconds, we were very puzzled about it, originally thinking they must have been satellites, but then they just seemed to disappear,” Michael said.

“We saw a string of what looked like about 20-30 bright lights all moving in a perfectly straight line from north to south, in the western part of the sky.

“There was a group of the majority of them, then a small break in the line, then a couple more.

“(It) was really strange to see it happen without any warning.”

Starlink Satellites train seen from Earth. (This video was not filmed in Bundaberg)

Michael said he instantly jumped on Google to see what information he could find out about the mesmerising lights and came across information about the recent launch of Starlink Satellite.

The string of bright lights is believed to be the Starlink Satellites that were launched earlier this week from Florida, USA.

According to the Find Starlink website, the satellites soared over the Bundaberg Region’s sky at 7.04pm on Friday night.  

“It was truly an incredible thing to see – well, the nerdy part of me going crazy once I found out,” Michael said.

“Upon discovering it was Star Link, I was speechless, and to see it out of pure luck is even better.

“We plan to try and see again tonight.”

The Find Starlink website says the satellites will be visible from Bundaberg again tonight (5 September) from 7.05 pm for four minutes.

While the Starlink Tracker moilbe app says good visibility for the satellites will be on Monday evening at 5.48pm looking from northwest to southeast.



  1. we saw this too from Sunshine Coast, QLD. I was just googling about it, wondering what it was when I saw this article!

  2. I observed a string of about twenty lights above Paluma in North Queensland at about 7.10PM on Friday 4th september 2020. however the lights were not evenly spaced as shown in video but in groups, 2 in front, a gap, 5 or 6 in another group, a gap, another group and then a tail.
    came from northwest heading southeast, took maybe 20 to 30 seconds to traverse a 120 to 140 degree segment of the sky. didn’t have time to get the phone/camera turned on in time.

  3. Around 1/2 months ago I saw a light from a top of building to up above
    It looks like the colour of fire . I was looking at the light from the top of building . I was confused I don’t know what is the scientific reason behind this . I felt scared . Please tell me what is was

  4. Saw these string of lights on Monday at around 7.20pm NZ time in Auckland. Had to record because was not sure what it was til I googled it. Was pretty cool to see.

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