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Braden Hellmuth wins state training award

Braden Hellmuth
Braden Hellmuth was awarded 2020 Queensland Training Awards Apprentice of the Year. Photo: Facebook

Greensill Farming Group employee Braden Hellmuth has been recognised as Apprentice of the Year in the Queensland Training Awards.

Braden now has a leadership role in the group's engineering team and was Greensill's first apprentice.

“Braden prides himself on being a training advocate and mentor to other apprentices and team members coming through the company,” Greensill Farming Group said on Facebook.

“Congratulations Braden! #TeamGreensill are proud of your achievements!”

The awards citation says having developed an interest in agriculture as a 14-year-old picking for Greensill during his school holiday, Braden Hellmuth was drawn back to his love of agriculture after completing science studies at university.

“With a limited knowledge of mechanics and hydraulics, Braden made the decision to accept a diesel mechanic apprenticeship, learning an array of skills which enabled him to secure the role of Engineering and IT Manager,” the description says.

“With significant changes occurring in the agriculture industry due to engineering technology and automation, Braden finds his work exciting and rewarding.

“He regularly travels to Europe and America to attend trade shows and to evaluate and purchase new specialised equipment for his employer.”

Training and Skills Development Minister Shannon Fentiman congratulated Braden and the other 13 state winners.

“All of our winners are playing an important role in our recovery as we know having a skilled workforce will drive our State’s economy.”

“Apprentice of the Year Braden Hellmuth of Innes Park completed a diesel mechanic apprenticeship with the Greensill Farming Group before being appointed to the company’s management team,” she said.

“Braden has paved the way for others and the Greensill company now has five apprentices.”

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