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Volunteers welcome at Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Supervisor at Hinkler Hall of Aviation Tracey Kelly and Volunteer Geoff Woodspey
Supervisor at Hinkler Hall of Aviation Tracey Kelly with volunteer Geoff Woodspey.

Rob Maxey-Fisher has volunteered at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation in Bundaberg for 12 years, where new volunteers are welcome.

Volunteers are an important part any organisation but especially at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, where they help create memorable experiences for visitors.

The museum, which celebrates pioneer solo aviator Bert Hinkler, is expanding its volunteer support and calling for more community members to join the team.

Rob said there is nowhere else he’d rather be.

“This is my 12th year and I started volunteering just after they opened the major part of the museum,” Rob said.

“I suppose I was looking for something to be involved in and having an interest in aviation, it seemed like the ideal choice.

“I didn’t expect to be a volunteer for this long but it’s an interesting place, with interesting history and that along with the people has really kept me there.

“The people I work with are really great and 90 percent of the visitors are really interesting and come from all over the place.”

Volunteers are a vital part of presenting and caring for the museum, but they also act as an important connection to the community.

While the usual museum role includes maintaining exhibits and assisting staff and visitors, Rob said the role had changed somewhat due to COVID-19.

“Pre-COVID our role was more meet and greet and make sure the exhibits were working and then talking to people and giving assistance as required and of course smiling a lot,” Rob said.

“Now it’s walking around with cleaning material under your arm and just cleaning everything; if it can be reached we clean it and the customers do appreciate that.”  

Hinkler Hall of Aviation Volunteer Geoff Woodspey
Hinkler Hall of Aviation Volunteer Geoff Woodspey

At 78 and with 12 years of volunteer experience under his belt, Rod said there was a myriad of benefits to volunteering and that he had no plans to stop.

“I've probably learnt something new every time I’ve gone along,” he said.

“I’d like other people to think about volunteering, as we can always do with some more.

“There’s a bit of a gap and they’ll always have a warm welcome. It’s an interesting thing to do, that saves spare time and all that’s needed is to be enthusiastic, interested and willing to learn.”

To sign up as a volunteer at Hinkler Hall of Aviation click here.

There are also various other opportunities at Bundaberg Regional Council to volunteer.