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Resilient Rambo ready for a loving home

Rambo Red Collar Rescue
After having been through some recovery at Red Collar Rescue, Rambo is ready for a forever home.

Resilient Rambo is ready for a forever home after being nurtured back to good health at Red Collar Rescue.

The male Bull Arab Cross has been through more than most and at just one-year-old was abandoned on the side of a road.

Described as a doting dog, resilient Rambo is still very much young at heart and loves running and playing with other dogs.

H's happy when he can spend time with people and just be included. He's been let down once before, so it's important that he finds a family who will let him be inside and give him the love and sense of belonging that he craves.

The one-year-old Bull Arab Cross is polite with food, and knows the basics: sit, drop and wait, however will benefit from ongoing training.

Bull Arabs have a calm temperament, are highly intelligent and easily trainable, and are known for their loyalty and their love of people.

Rambo certainly inherited those qualities and is a friendly dog who just wants to make the people around him happy.

While he had a rough start, Rambo just wants a loving family and a place to call home.

If Rambo sounds like the perfect dog for you, he can be adopted from Red Collar Rescue for $350.

His adoption fee includes desexing, microchip and health check, and makes sure he is up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

Breed: Bull/Arab

Gender: Male

Age: One-year-old

Adoption price: $350 from Bundaberg Red Collar Rescue

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