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Irrigators encouraged to complete Paradise Dam survey

Paradise Dam technical reports
A survey designed to identify future water demand for irrigation from Paradise Dam is now available.

A survey designed to identify the future water demand for irrigation from Paradise Dam is now available and local growers are urged to participate.

Bundaberg Regional Council Executive Director Strategic Projects and Economic Development Ben Artup said it was critical that all irrigators, and any future irrigators, took part in the water demand survey.

“Current assumptions made by the State Government indicate little expected growth in future water demand in our region, and subsequently little economic case to invest in the repair of Paradise Dam,” Mr Artup said.

“It's essential that any decision soon to be made in Brisbane concerning Paradise Dam is underpinned by facts and evidence and the only way we can ensure that happens is for all growers to identify their future water demand by taking the survey.

“All we need is the data and to collect this data, NCEconomics is conducting an extensive survey and consultation process to collect and verify future water demand in our region.

“Council urges all landowners in the Bundaberg water supply scheme area to start thinking about their future water needs and reveal this demand in the survey.

“This survey, and the data it collects will be vitally important to the longer-term economic prosperity of the Bundaberg Region.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey encouraged all agricultural landowners to participate.

water demand
Natural Capital Economics director and economist Jim Binney met with Mayor Jack Dempsey to discuss future water demand for the Bundaberg Region.

“Without accurate data there’s a huge risk that millions of dollars of planned investment in irrigated agriculture could be jeopardised following the decision to lower the dam wall,” he said.

“Council is advocating for the water that’s been lost from Paradise Dam to be reinstated and for no water to be diverted to other areas.

“I believe our region can win this battle to keep the water allocated to the Bundaberg water scheme, in Paradise Dam.

“If there was ever a time in our history when we need confidence and positivity restored, it is now.”

Register on the NCEconomics engagement hub for regular updates and to take the survey.

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