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Station Road garden oozes old-world charm

Welcome to 54 Station Road, Horton where you’ll find a garden oozing charm.
Welcome to 54 Station Road, Horton, where you’ll find a garden oozing charm.

There’s more than a touch of old-world charm embedded in the beautiful gardens created by Helen and Alan White on their spacious Station Road property at Horton near Childers.

Roses, currently at a luscious full bloom, have regal names like Lady Diana, Princess of Wales and Queen Elizabeth while the garden furniture is of the rustic type the envy of many gardeners.

In our Garden

Station Road is a quiet country road adjacent to the Isis Golf Course and the property at number 59 has been in the White family for generations.

Alan and Helen have been at the property for around six years and those 72 months have delivered beautiful gardens which border and dot the lawns and attest to a Helen’s creative abilities.

Helen White is fascinated by roses with many growing in her garden beds handed down through the generations.
Helen White is fascinated by roses with many growing in her garden beds handed down through generations.

Alan does the heavy lifting. Helen does the gardening and the artistic elements.

Their home, an old Queenslander, comes with its own slice of rich history.

It was the original Childers State School head teacher’s residence prior to being re-sited at Horton.

“Our first job when we moved in was to clear several large fig trees from close proximity to the house. They were causing damage as well as harbouring a colony of flying foxes,” Helen said.

“We wanted open lawn and with the trees gone there was still the problem of the exposed tree roots which is common with Moreton Bay Figs.

“The solution was pretty simple, we just built gardens around and over them.”

Moreton Bay Fig trees invariably add a presence to any location and there are several large mature fig trees at the White property.
There are several large Moreton Bay Fig trees at the White property.

The results are sensational with Helen’s gardening skills and the judicious placement of rustic yesteryear furniture providing a beautiful balance of garden loveliness and historic storytelling.

There’s a bed with Grandma White’s favourite roses and geraniums in full bloom.

In another bed is a bicycle, once the conveyance of Alan’s grandfather who delivered mail for what is now Australia Post.

Old farming equipment, spoked wheels, a windmill, garden ornaments and bird feeders all play a role in creating a stunning story about the past.

The beds of annuals, bromeliads and orchids nestle beautifully around the base of many remaining fig trees while multiple rose blooms take centre stage in many of the garden beds.

Mindful of the ravages of dry weather Helen has sourced bales of local cane trash to mulch her garden beds.

Plenty of colour created with mass plantings of annuals.
Plenty of colour created with mass plantings of annuals.

At $5 a bale it is significantly cheaper than commercial mulch and does a similar job.

Gardening is Helen’s passion.

“I’d much rather be out here than looking after housework,” she laughed.

The couple’s efforts have created a space that provides open grassed areas that show off the charm of their home while the gardens add interest, vibrancy, and a place where the beauty of nature is showcased.


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