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Tobias Street swims his way to Bond

Tobias Street
Shalom College student Tobias Street has been awarded a scholarship to Bond University.

Bundaberg swimmer Tobias Street is finishing 2020 on a high after he received an Australian Olympic Change-Maker Award and a scholarship to Bond University.

Tobias will follow his dream of becoming a professional athlete while undertaking a Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation.

“I’m grateful because it will take a lot of stress off me and help get me on my feet while I continue my full-time training regime,” Tobias said.

“I will have access to world-class training, and it will connect me to the workforce, where I hope to adapt, design and redesign products to assist companies, or people with disabilities.”

The 17-year-old Shalom College student has been accepted into tier one of Bond’s Elite Sport Program, which is granted to athletes who currently compete at a national or international level in their chosen sport.

During his swimming career Tobias Street has received many accolades, including honours for being in the top 10 for his age group in freestyle in Australia.

“Before COVID-19 I was a smidge off the mark in the Olympic trial time,” Tobias said.

“And I am ninth in the country for my age in freestyle.”

Tobias Street values education and sport

Tobias Street is part of Shalom’s high performance program, which enables him to keep up with his studies while pursuing his dream of taking to the world stage as a professional swimmer.

He thanked teacher Peter Robinson for helping him achieve this goal.

“I am really excited to head to Bond University early next year,” he said.

“I will follow in the footsteps of my swimming coach’s son Connor Simms, who was awarded the Georgia Rinehart Scholarship two years ago.

“I never thought I would be heading off to Bond University to be honest, but I kept hoping and thinking if Connor can make it, surely I can.”

As the youngest-of-three, Tobias said it was his mum, Emma Street, who took the call from Bond University and she was overjoyed by his achievements.

“She started crying instantly,” Tobias said.

“I think we are all really proud, and excited of where it will take me.”

Emma said she was proud that Tobias received the Australian Olympic Change-Maker Award as it was awarded to children who showed leadership and change through their sport.

She said just as the high performance program at Shalom enabled students keep up with their studies while achieving in sport, Bond University had a similar structure.

“It’s a massive blessing for us,” she said.

“Bond does the same as HPP, so kids don’t have to sacrifice sport for an education, they are encouraged to work hard, try hard and succeed.

“We thank Mr Robinson, and Paul Simms who is like a father to Toby, as the scholarship alleviates financial stress on us.

“And one thing Toby will always know is where he came from, and as he accepted the scholarship he is passionate about giving back in return.”