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Highly accomplished teachers recognised

St Luke’s Anglican School teachers, Natasha Johnson and Jo Harris
St Luke’s Anglican School teachers, Natasha Johnson and Jo Harris, received their Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation this month.

St Luke's Anglican School teachers, Natasha Johnson and Jo Harris, received their Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation this month, bringing St Luke’s Anglican School’s total of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers (HALT) to four.

The Highly Accomplished Accreditation is overseen by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership and takes two years to complete.

Jo Harris is a multi-disciplinary teacher for Middle School and school house coordinator, while Natasha Johnson is the differentiate learning teacher, psychology, and philosophical inquiry teacher for Middle and Senior School.

Speaking about the accreditation, Jo and Natasha said it was a lengthy and challenging process but produced rewarding results for the school and students.

“To become accredited as a Highly Accomplished Teacher you must first produce a portfolio of evidence. This is stage one of the process and takes approximately one year to complete,” Jo said.

“Stage two is then having that portfolio officially assessed, followed by having your colleagues interviewed and a class you are teaching observed.”

“The Highly Accomplished Accreditation allows you to reflect on one’s own practice within a structured framework.

“I always aspire to be a better teacher for the students in my classrooms, and this process allowed for me to create a tangible plan to improve my teaching skills,” Natasha said.  

Highly Accomplished Teachers are officially recognised as highly effective, skilled classroom practitioners and routinely work independently and collaboratively to improve their own practice and the practice of colleagues.

They work with colleagues to plan, evaluate and modify teaching programs to improve student learning.

Both teachers praised the team around them and St Luke’s School for providing them the platform and foundation from which a Highly Accomplished Accreditation can be achieved.

Jo and Natasha said the accreditation was a great reflection of the ongoing, innovative practices within the St Luke's teaching and learning community.

“The achievement really showcases the ability and collegiality of our staff, who assist in the practice, the pedagogy, and the high standard of our teaching discipline here at St Luke’s,” Jo said.

“It’s a privilege to be able to support, and learn from the teachers of St Luke’s. More than anything, I hope that is accreditation draws attention to the work the staff here do as a team,” Natasha said.  

In 2018 St Luke’s saw the accreditation of its first two HALT teachers, who were the very first teachers in the region to receive the prestigious certification.

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