LifestyleIn our Garden: Coral Cove garden ideal for local environment

In our Garden: Coral Cove garden ideal for local environment

In our Garden
Pam McLaughlin in her garden with Winston.
In our Garden

This week's beautiful garden is at Coral Cove where the plants are perfectly suited to their environment.

Tom and Pam McLaughlin’s garden at Coral Cove is a great example of growing the right plants for weather and lifestyle.

When they built their home 10 years ago they started with a “blank canvas” and knew what they wanted to achieve.

“My vision was to have a variety of plants and a garden that was relatively low maintenance because of the large block and both being busy professionals,” Pam said.

Ten years on the garden requires minimal maintenance and is flourishing in current conditions.

In our Garden
Pam McLaughlin’s garden overlooking the pool

“We are so glad we chose plants for water tolerance, that attract wildlife and that are pest tolerant,” Pam said.

“Banksia, grevillea and bottlebrush are great drought tolerant plants that attract native birds and bees.

Magnolia trees make an immediate statement as you enter the front yard.

“I love their exotic white flowers and oh so glam glossy green leaves with brown suede backs,” Pam said.

Cardboard/dinosaur ferns also feature throughout the garden.

“They have been around for thousands of years,” Pam said.

“I love their history and like to think of dinosaurs roaming here all those years ago.

“I also love the cycads – they are like cousins to the cardboard ferns and have been in the ground long enough to flower.

Bird of Paradise brings colour to the pool house.

“They remind me of Bali where we used to spend our Christmas break before COVID made the world smaller.”

In our Garden
Pam McLaughlin’s garden is full of fragrant delights

Star jasmine make a beautiful display climbing along the fence, giving a delightful scent in the late afternoon/early evening, while gardenias also add to the sensory nature of the garden.

“The gardenia shrubs and ground cover have beautiful little white flowers cover the whole plant with the most amazing perfume.

Grass Trees bring a little piece of the Australian bush.

“They are very elegant and a feature plant.”

With a beautiful garden around their outdoor entertaining area and an extensive yard already well established, there are only a few things on their wish list.

“We don’t have too many more plans, possibly enhance the pool area and some areas in the front yard.

“We are very happy with our garden – it certainly gives us a sense of accomplishment and it is a joy to relax and enjoy our surroundings.”

In our Garden
A spectacular corner of the garden.