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Trinity Close Christmas lights brighten up Bargara

Trinity Close may be a small Bargara cul-de-sac but it’s big on Christmas spirit with about 15 houses putting on an impressive Christmas lights display.

Resident Phillip Dunkley started the tradition eight years ago when he first moved to the street.

“It sort of evolved from there,” Phillip said.

“The neighbours have come on board.

“Probably in the last four years the whole street has started getting involved.

“Last year we won the local lights competition, that was a bit of a bonus for us.”

Phillip said it was a great neighbourhood community which had formed around the simple act of spreading Christmas cheer.

“Most everyone has got something up. There are some houses there that really stand out,” he said.

“They’re all individual and everyone has got their own style.

“No matter where you look there’s lights.”

His own Trinity Close Christmas lights display took many hours and countless metres of lights to perfect.

He has even built a frame around his yard to suspend lights from.

“We started on the first of November,” he said.

“I was doing a little bit every afternoon when I came home and most weekends in November I’d spend a whole day in the yard.

“We’re still putting up lights every afternoon, still adding to it.”

But for Phillip all that work is worth the effort to see the joy the lights bring to so many residents.

“We just enjoy the fact that you get so much enjoyment form the people coming through,” he said.

“Most nights we’re all outside in the street talking amongst all the neighbours.

“People that are coming through are just loving everything.

“People are always stopping and having a chat and .. the kids are running through the lights. It’s just been fantastic.

“They just thank you for the effort you’ve put in, that makes it worth it.

“We don’t really look at the cost or anything like that.”

The Trinity Close Christmas lights display is listed on the Carols by the Dashboard Light map.




  1. Well done to all in Trinity Close. A beautiful display that’s a credit to your street.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you.

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