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Club seeks new members to keep wheels turning

Robyn Rehbein and Anne Druitt from the Inner Wheel of Bundaberg Club get crafty for Christmas.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bundaberg Sunset is seeking new members to help it continue its good work in the community.

International officer for Inner Wheel Club of Bundaberg Sunset, Deenita Morton, said the club was seeking new members to increase its influence in the Bundaberg Region.

“An increase in membership will allow us to participate in more community events, whether it is giving a helping hand to other community groups for fundraising, such as Agro Trend, or running a stall to sell goods to raise funds for the variety of charities in Bundaberg and Australia-wide we donate to,” Deenita said.

“Our club has members from different age groups and backgrounds. We are welcoming and keen to accept new members.”

Inner Wheel is an international women’s organisation, founded in Manchester, England, in 1924 to create friendship, service and understanding.

Clubs exist in more than 100 countries and boast more than 100,000 members overall.

The Bundaberg branch is small on numbers, with just 15 members on its books, but Deenita said the group had a lot of fun together and she hoped the club would soon draw new members to the fold.

“Charity and fundraising are integral parts of Inner Wheel, but not the whole,” she said.

“Going to a variety of social events, such as the movies, the art gallery, and to dinner allows us to take time to build lifelong friendships.”

This month the club has donated cheques for $250 to charities Angels Community Group and Share the Dignity and have been busy the past few months making a variety of craft goods to sell, including handmade Christmas decorations and gifts, in order to support additional charity groups.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bundaberg Sunset has formal meetings on the first Wednesday of each month and meets socially on the third Wednesday of the month.

For more information email iiw.au.bundabergsunset@gmail.com or phone Deenita Morton on 0413 226 382.