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Adopt a pet: Lovely Luna looks for new home

Lovely Luna
RSPCA Bundaberg is looking for a new home for the lovely Luna

RSPCA Bundaberg is searching for a new home for the lovely Luna with the young dog’s natural intelligence and love of food ensuring she’ll be easy to train.

The greyhound/kelpie cross is just over one years old, and her RSPCA carers said she is still figuring out her place in the world.

“She is looking for a calm but fun-loving family to help her confidence grow, and turn her in to the superstar dog we know she can be,” RSPCA Bundaberg said.

“Luna just loves to be around people and to seek out their reassurance and praise.

“Her will to please, combined with her natural intelligence and love of food, makes her easy to train.

“She's part working breed and needs to keep her mind engaged at all times to keep her happy and healthy.”

Lovely Luna
RSPCA Bundaberg is looking for a new home for the lovely Luna

They encouraged any prospective adopters to consider a meet and greet with the whole family, especially if there are young children or other animals in the home.

“Luna would require a meet and greet if with the whole family if you have young children.

“Luna could be open to sharing her home with another doggy friend – but her anxiety makes her a little selective on who she likes – so we'd also need to do a meet and greet here at the shelter first.”

Lovely Luna would also need room to roam.

“Since she's a young, active and medium-to-large-sized dog, she does need a home with a big yard and relatively high, secure fencing.

“Someone home more often than not would be of benefit in helping her to settle in to your routine over the first months.

“Outside of the home, she'll need your time, patience and understanding to help her adjust well to all the new sights and sounds.

“But we promise, the perseverance will be worth it in the end!”

Lovely Luna can be adopted from RSPCA Bundaberg for $350.

The adoption fee includes desexing, microchipping, worming, flea treatment, and a start on her vaccination schedule.

Find out more or apply to adopt the lovely Luna through the online application and RSPCA Bundaberg’s friendly staff will be in contact.

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  1. Hi I am interested in Luna as our dog Luna is a kelpie cross staffy and she is two and full of beans and loves to play with other dogs we do have a minni dacsie but he is not interested but our two cats keep her busy but only for short times We have been looking for a while for the right play mate and i reckon these two would love nothing better than sprinting along the beach together We will be in Bundaberg wednesday 23rd any chance of a catch up

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