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Bundaberg’s AgPro software ready for global rollout

Jack Milbank is taking AgTech solutions to the world with data management system AgPro.

AgPro, an innovative software platform that originated in Bundaberg, is helping farmers and agronomists across the world track data and improve productivity.

The software is now owned and operated by Lexi Tech Singapore for its global roll-out.

CEO of Lexi Tech, Jack Milbank, said a number of versions of the platform were already widely used in Australia, the USA, and Japan.

“The subscription model, which incorporates a host of impressive tools and features for farm data management, has been under rapid development since March this year in preparation for launch in 2021,” Jack said,

“With the integration of sensors and data from partners … into a common platform, AgPro is going to enhance the ability to refine autonomous tasks on farms, such as irrigation or choice of foliar nutrition applications and rates, or provide a suite of production related alerts to users, just making farming more and more efficient.

“AgPro account holders will be able to monitor the performance of some of the treatments that they would have applied to their farms through the use of live trend lines, mapping and comparison reports.”

AgPro is a SaaS platform that provides digital tools and data process flow for growers and graziers, agronomists, rural retailers, laboratories and IoT companies to aid and automate the provision of agronomic inputs.

It does this through a process that either connects analytical data, sensors, controllers and nutrients to deliver exactly what a plant needs in response to real-time conditions, or provides tools that support the decision making process.

“The global roll out, currently underway, involves lots of work behind the scenes such as translation to other languages and units of measure,” Jack said.

“I wish America would just go metric!,” he joked.

“Fluid ounces per gallon is not a unit of measure many agronomists in Australia are familiar with, but AgPro will enable Agronomists across the world to choose the units they prefer to work in making consistent decision making far easier.”

The effort to rewrite the software to suit various countries was certainly worth it with the platform expected to be rolled out across about 38,000 farms in Japan, Australia, and USA.

“2021 will see the addition of an office and laboratory in Johannesburg to service Southern Africa with an anchor client in the rapidly growing medicinal cannabis industry, one of the largest projects in the world, a 20 hectare project across four sites in three countries – AgPro will be the platform on which the project operates.”

Discussions are already underway in Chile, through the assistance of Austrade’s Santiago office, to establish Lexi Tech’s South American base in the region.

A livestock module has also recently been added which is being demonstrated to Queensland’s most comprehensive bovine reproduction centre for refinement in preparation for roll out and adoption in the extensive North Australian, American and Argentinian Beef industries.

Lexi Tech will join the Bundaberg AgTech Hub from January as a base for its Australian operations.

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