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Will there be a COVID baby boom?

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New mother Krystal Micak (left) sits with Klare the Midwife (right).

Demographers and social scientists seem divided when it comes to the question of whether the COVID lockdown will lead to a baby boom.

But if there is a tsunami of “Generation C” babies, Impact Community Services will be ready.

Impact's “Positive Start” parenting support program is for mums and dads or carers with children aged up to 12 (18 in special cases) who need a little help and support.

If you need advice, have a few questions or simply want to meet other parents in a relaxed supportive environment, then Positive Start is for you.

The service has a perinatal clinic for expectant mums, and a qualified midwife available to check on your baby’s progress.

The service is open for anyone, but it has proved especially helpful to younger or first-time mums.

Meanwhile, Impact has recently recommenced their weekly playgroup each Thursday morning.

This means parents can bring their bubs and get a little valuable respite and talk with other mums while their children play. Impact also have transport available for these playgroups.

And on Thursday, February 18 a Triple P seminar is scheduled.

These seminars are a priceless education resource for parents provided in partnership with the Children’s Health Service.

“We have seen our parents achieve so much lately,” IMPACT’s Positive Start Team Leader Lesley Allen said.

“It is so great to support our parents to achieve their goals like getting a driving licence, or finding a job or gaining new parenting skills. It is so great to see their confidence and self-esteem grow.”

To find out how we can help you, call 4153 4233 or go to https://www.impact.org.au/parenting-support