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Bluey's Big Play a big hit in Bundaberg

Bluey's Big Play
Bluey's Big Play company manager Rob Gaetano said it was rewarding to bring the production to the Bundaberg Region.

Hundreds of local fans got to see Bluey “for real life” as part of the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre’s season program which caters to young and old.

Bluey's Big Play
Bubbles floated over the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre crowd at the conclusion of Bluey's Big Play.

Bluey’s Big Play hit the stage on Saturday, captivating young audience members as their favourite characters came to life.

The delighted squeals as bubbles filled the theatre were only surpassed by the appearance of the ‘grannies’ as Janet and Rita (aka Bluey and Bingo) tore up the Heelers’ backyard.

Bluey’s Big Play company manager Rob Gaetano said it was a pleasure to bring the production to regional communities like Bundaberg.

“I think for kids who have never experienced theatre before, to see something they’ve only always seen on the TV screen in 2D, to see it come alive [is rewarding],” Rob said.

“Especially when Bluey makes her first entrance you can hear it, the crowd is like ‘oh wow’, it’s exciting.

“For little kids to see that is a huge deal and it really means a lot to us.”

After the first two shows were sold out a third Bluey’s Big Play show was released for local fans.

“We feel really welcome, it feels really great to have packed houses here.

“The TV show and the theatre production really encourages parents to use their imagination and a real sense of play with their children.

“I think it’s a really important message for the kids and adults.”

Bluey's Big Play
Ella Clark and Rebecca and Ava Harber enjoyed Bluey's Big Play.

It was a family affair for four-year-old Ava Harber who enjoyed the show with her mother Rebecca, grandmother Julie and cousin Ella Clark.

The big Bluey fan said she loved the show, especially when the young pups decided to play a trick on their dad.

Rebecca said it was great for three generations of her family to be able to experience the show in Bundaberg.

“It makes it easy, it makes it more likely that you can come and see things like this,” Rebecca said.

“I think it’s a good show because there’s a bit of realism but there’s a bit of humour and a bit of comedy.

“It makes it fun for the kids but good for the adults and then there’s usually a bit of a deeper meaning at the end.”

Grandmother Julie agreed that “it’s nice that the different generations can come and see a show like this”.

Bluey’s Big Play is just one of the exciting events the Moncrieff has programmed for young theatre buffs.

Coming up during the holidays for families and vacation care groups will be:

There are also some targeted school events on offer, including:

For more information contact the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on 4130 4100 or pop into the box office at 177 Bourbong Street ,Bundaberg.

Bluey's Big Play
It was a full house at the Moncrieff for Bluey's Big Play.


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