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School chapel relocation part of masterplan work

St. Luke's
An artist impression of the St Luke's Anglican School Mezger Street entry.

St Luke’s Anglican School is preparing for the construction of a new performing arts and sports centre with the relocation of its chapel to the front of the school next month.

Business Manager David Reed said the ‘Our Future: Masterplan’ had envisioned a new entrance to the school which upheld the schools values of Faith Performance Honor.

“The relocation of the chapel will be a significant milestone in the history of St Luke’s Anglican School,” he said.

“Surrounded by landscaped gardens, the chapel will be an engaging area for students to gather and will continue to host weekend services and weddings into the future.”

“While the new performing arts and sports centre will incorporate a new, enclosed purpose-built centre for performances, sports, marquee events and assemblies, the relocation of the chapel to the front of the school recognises and celebrates the role of Faith within our community.”

Performing Arts Centre, Director of Co-curricular Activities (Cultural) Sarah Ferguson said the new centre would provide the Arts Department with a facility to deliver authentic contemporary theatre and music experiences

“We are extremely excited to have an onsite building that will facilitate full-scale productions, concerts, and the capability of delivering modern theatre performances,” she said.

“Our students will get to experience professional standard lighting, theatre, and sound practices and explore a plethora of leading-edge performing art experiences.”

The ‘Our Future: Masterplan’ is the result of extensive deliberations and on-going consultations across the community and scaffolds the School’s Strategic Priorities: 2019-2022.

Mr Reed said the campus had served St Luke’s students, staff and families exceptionally well, however, education had changed considerably since the foundation of the school and the school was continuing to evolve into the future.

St. Luke's initially delayed development plans for the Performing Arts and Sports Centre during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, developed design is now progressing for construction to commence later this year.

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