LifestyleKym's garden of love stems from family passion

Kym’s garden of love stems from family passion

kym garden
Rod and Kym Kington one of their greenhouses.

Over three years Kym and Rod Kington have created a diverse garden on their Bundaberg property, ranging from greenhouses to succulent displays.

In our Garden

Growing up outdoors planted the seed of a lifelong gardening journey for Kym.

“My love for plants started as a child,” Kym said.

“Mum always had beautiful gardens and my grandmother had the biggest greenhouse, I used to love spending time in there with her.

“When I moved out of home, I started buying plants and haven't stopped yet.”

Kym said when they moved in there was only a run-down front garden but now, the garden had expanded greatly. 

“Right from day one I knew that the priority was to get a greenhouse built because most of my plants were in pots and 90% of them needed to be in the shade,” Kym said.

“They were all just placed on the ground under large mango trees that were here.”

The garden is an ongoing project, according to Kym, who said she also had the goal of adding vegetables.

“We did have a vision of what we wanted our gardens to look like and it is still ongoing,” Kym said.

“We want to put in more gardens out the front and build a couple of vegetable gardens.

“I joined a local gardening club to see what other people were growing successfully in our area.”

Being the third generation to own greenhouses, Kym said a love for gardening and shade plants had run in the family.

“The garden is easy maintenance,” Kym said.

“The greenhouses would be my favourite place to be.

kym garden
A greenhouse filled with a variety of beautiful plants.

“I have two, one has all plants for sale and the other is my collection of plants.”

As a dedicated gardener, Kym said she loved giving advice on the best way to care for your plants.

“I love having people visit the greenhouse and enjoy giving advice on the best way to grow different plants,” she said.

“Bundy has a great climate for plants and I recommend anyone wanting to buy plants, to buy the ones that are grown locally at some of our nurseries and home gardeners.

“Many people buy plants but don't know how to repot or propagate them so I have also done a few classes and will offer more throughout 2021 for anyone interested.”

kym garden
A range of succulents are held in a timber display.

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