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St Luke’s reveals Master Plan Stage 3 project details

St. Luke's
ARTIST IMPRESSION: Southern entry to St Luke's Upper Primary Precinct (Lohse Centre).

St Luke’s Anglican School has revealed artist impressions and a virtual video fly-through of its Master Plan Stage 3, showcasing what the new Upper Primary Precinct (Lohse Centre) will look like.

Design for the project is currently underway, with plans to commence construction next year.

However, artist impression stills of the new Upper Primary Precinct to the broader community is only part of the grand reveal, for there are other important and tinier stakeholders to consider.

On Thursday, St. Luke's showcased the architect generated, virtual fly-through of the new Upper Primary (Lohse Centre) to the school’s Primary School students for the first time.

St Luke’s arranged to gather students from Years 4 to 6 to watch the video fly-through and answered any questions they had about how the new Upper Primary School Precinct will benefit their education.

“The virtual fly-though is quite literally that, as the camera explores every feature and function of the new precinct, sweeping across the gardens and flying in and out of the buildings and classrooms,” Acting Deputy Head of Primary Mrs Kellie Hansen said.

“The students will really get to see what the facility will be for them.”

A video of the Lohse Centre

The new Upper Primary (Lohse Centre) will provide St Luke’s Primary students with a flexible environment which will meet their educational, social, and spiritual needs.

Students will be able to break out into the flexible, communal areas to work independently or collaboratively with peers from their class, or even across year levels.

This approach and layout will support flexible furniture which has been implemented across the Primary School, and the Chromebook program to personalise learning.

On the new Upper Primary Precinct (Lohse Centre), St Luke’s Business Manager, David Reed said it was a truly exciting development for St Luke’s.

“This new Upper Primary area will support improved academic achievement, engagement and well being for students, in an open and collaborative learning environment,” he said.

“It’s an ultramodern addition to St Luke’s, but designed to be welcoming while promoting learning and innovation.”

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