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IMPACT Community Choir is Back Up and Singing

IMPACT Community Choir
IMPACT Community Choir is back up and singing.

After a year of solemn silence, the IMPACT Community Choir is finally back up and singing.

The choir was silenced last year following Coronavirus restrictions and has been eagerly awaiting the moment they could grace the region with their voices once more.

NDIS Support Worker Kym Sliwka is one of the key communicators behind the scenes who plans the program and sorts out technical equipment for the choir.

“The IMPACT choir so important to the Bundaberg community because it provides an inclusive space which brings the community together,” Kym said.

“It’s such a welcoming and friendly environment that creates a sense of enjoyment and a platform for people of all abilities to express themselves through music.”

For 20 years IMPACT has offered disability services to the Bundaberg community, and the organisation is thrilled to see the return of the choir.

“Our Choir members are people with a disability or psychosocial barrier, support workers, volunteers and IMPACT staff who meet each Wednesday to rehearse and learn new songs,” Kym said.

“Other community organisations are also welcome to attend and bring their clients along.”

IMPACT Community Choir open to all

Previously, members from Community Lifestyle Support, Endeavour, Carinbundi and YMCA have regularly been involved in rehearsals and performances to provide further social interaction for participants.

The Choir is supported by staff who bring their own music accompaniment, expertise and passion to assist each week.

Research has found singing reduces stress, improves breathing and posture, and provides cognitive stimulation to help memory function.

While the choir has previously excelled in more traditional genres, this new chapter is looking to introduce modern hits from popular artists.

The choir used to perform on alternate Wednesdays at venues such as aged care facilities, community groups and events, which will hopefully begin again soon.

The smiles and delight the choir bring are such a pleasure for everyone involved.

If you haven’t treated yourself to an IMPACT choir performance yet, keep your eyes peeled for the next public performance; you are sure to be overcome with a happiness only the IMPACT Community Choir can foster.

If you love to sing and would like to join in, or if you would like to volunteer your expertise, get in touch by phoning IMPACT on 4153 4233.