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Sugarcane Railway closed due to COVID restrictions

Sugar Cane Rail
The Australian Sugarcane Railway locomotives are off the tracks until 16 April due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The popular Sugarcane Railway at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens has had to close for the busy Easter period because of COVID-19 restrictions.

The secretary of Australian Sugarcane Railway Bundaberg, Ross Driver, said on Facebook that services will resume on Friday, 16 April.

“Australian Sugarcane Railway will be closed immediately due to the statewide COVID-19 requirements which require the wearing of masks in outdoors settings where social distancing can’t be maintained,” Mr Driver said.

“At this stage, providing there are no further government restrictions, we plan to be running again as of 9am on Friday 16th April 2021.

“Further updates will be posted to our Facebook page.

“Having bums on seats is our primary source of income which enables us to maintain and operate the trains.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.”




  1. Hand sanitiser and masks, given to the passengers will enable the train to run safely, thus negating the need for unnecessary closure.
    Knee jerk reactions not required.

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