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Shalom College embraces Harmony Week

Shalom College united for Harmony Week celebrating cultural diversity and inclusiveness with a special event.

The day was welcomed by Aboriginal elder Narelle Watson, followed by Shalom student Lani Plath with a traditional dance and Sam Thompson on the Didgeridoo.

Principal Dan McMahon highlighted just how important it is to recognise Harmony Week.

“Everyone has come to Australia from somewhere – except our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples,” he said.

“And they are still willing to welcome the rest of us and share this amazing country with them.

“Harmony Day reminds all of us how important mutual respect and tolerance is.

“All of us are different and that is fantastic.”

Harmony Week
Students at Shalom College celebrated all cultures at their Harmony Week event. Photo: Shalom College

The students took to the stage to introduce themselves to their cohort in their native language, which was then followed by the English translation.

“Welcome all, my name is Mark, I’m from Papua New Guinea and we come here today to celebrate Harmony Day and show our culture,” Mark translated to the students.

“Good morning, my name is Tahlia and I’m praying you have a lovely day,” Tahlia said.  

Harmony Week is about reinforcing the importance of inclusivity throughout Australia with the key message ‘everyone belongs.’