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Police Stoked to get involved in school holiday fun

Stoked police
Children enjoyed a chat with Bargara Police at the Stoked SurfChurch event recently.

Bargara Police officers were a huge hit with the children taking part in Stoked for the school holidays this week.

More than 30 children participated in the free holiday program run by the Bargara Uniting Church as part of their SurfChurch group.

Senior Community Crime Prevention Officer Sue Rewald said Stoked was a fantastic opportunity for local police to chat with the region's youth, with the event focused on water and surf safety whilst promoting care for the ocean, environment and the region's famous turtles.

“It also encourages kids to be community minded and respect each other,” she said.

“Police were on hand to assist, speaking about general child safety and the right to feel safe.

“Of course, no police visit is complete without the opportunity to look over the police vehicle and try on the police vests.”

SurfChurch Bargara on for everyone

Bargara Uniting Church Reverend Jennifer Lynn launched SurfChurch Bargara service three years ago.

The monthly church service is held at Nielsen's Beach Bargara, starting at 3pm on the first Sunday of the month, while the Stoked youth event is part of each school holiday period.

Participants are asked to bring a towel to sit on, your surfboard, boogie board or SUP for a surf afterwards.

To find out more, follow the Facebook page here.

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