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Budding entrepreneur raises funds with Anzac earrings

Mia Hart designs
Mia Hart and her father Sergeant Leon Hart

With a father in Army Reserves Mia Hart knows the significance of Anzac Day and is using her new earring business to raise funds for Legacy Australia.

Recently launching her business Mia Hart Designs, the 10-year-old creates clay earrings from moulds.

After discovering poppy moulds, Mia has thrown herself into fundraising with $5 from each set of Anzac earrings being donated to Legacy Australia.

Mia said it made her happy to know she was helping to raise funds for such a worthy cause.

“[Legacy is] a team that raises money for families who have lost soldiers – their family members – in the war,” Mia said.

“It just helps them because their family or friend could have helped them with the money, so Legacy just donates and helps them with their loss.

“It feels really good that I'm helping someone in need and making them happy again.”

Mia Hart Designs
Anzac Earrings designed by Mia Hart

Mia’s dad Sergeant Leon Hart, who is also a local police officer, has spent 23 years in the Army Reserves.

Unfortunately, he knows firsthand how vital Legacy Australia is.

“Legacy do a great job supporting soldier’s families when they come home and sometimes when they don't,” Sergeant Hart said.

“We've had some people close to us die on operation, so it's very important to us.

“They play a very important role for the soldiers.”

He said Legacy’s support often including things like helping with school supplies and fees for families that have lost a parent.

Now he’s watching on with pride as young Mia shows her support for the organisation.

“I'm super proud of her.

Mia Hart Designs
Mia Hart Designs creates clay earrings from moulds

“We sort of started this little business for her as a way to introduce her to money and commerce.

“When this popped up and she said, I'll donate the money to Legacy, I was super proud.

“Obviously, we've sort of explained to her what they do.

“It's something that's really close to my heart. I'm super proud of what she's done.”

Mia said it was important to reflect on the sacrifices of servicemen and women on Anzac Day.

“So they feel honoured and that they did something really well with their life,” she added.

Find out more about Mia’s earrings on her Instagram page Miahart.designs.

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