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Adopt a pet: Adorable Toga is looking for love

Toga is currently up for adoption at Red Collar Rescue

A kitten in a lion’s skin, Toga is one of those dogs that you always feel safe around, yet his presence will make people take a step back.

At two years old, Toga’s microchip says he is German Shepherd x Mastiff, although it seems to be more like German Shepherd x Great Dane.

He has the cutest little half tail, but it still wags like it's about to fall off when he's happy.

He is good with other, mostly female dogs when correctly introduced, however he isn’t the type of dog that would love the dog park at this point in his life.

He's big, he's adorable, and he's looking for love, what more could you want?

It wouldn’t be recommended that he is in a home with children under 5 years of age.

Toga can be adopted from Red Collar Rescue for $350.

He is desexed, vaccinated, wormed and has been given heartworm treatment.

You can view Toga’s profile and apply to adopt here.

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  1. 1)Is Toga cat friendly.
    2) Is he OK with pocket pets/birds.
    3)Does he jump fences?

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