LifestyleBeach report: Choppy and messy conditions

Beach report: Choppy and messy conditions

choppy and messy
Craig Holden says it has been a mixed week of weather so far this week, with messy and choppy conditions set to follow.

Well, it has been a mixed week of weather so far this week, with some chilly mornings and glorious days early in the week that have now been replaced by slightly overcast skies and more windy conditions for the past day or two.

Looking ahead to today and across the weekend, and the forecast looks a little gloomy for beachgoers with windy conditions expected along with partly cloudy skies and even the chance of a few scattered showers.

Today’s winds will be from the S/SE this morning at around 15 to 20 knots before they swing more from the E/SE this afternoon with gusts over 20 knots likely as well.

Tomorrow will then be very similar, with S/SE to E/SE winds at 15 to 20 knots, and again, 20+ knot gusts are likely.

Sunday will then see a slight decrease win wind strength, with around 15 knots of S/SE to E/SE winds forecast.  

Swimming: Whilst swimming conditions were great early in the week, they have now been replaced by choppy conditions on most beaches with the onset of the stronger onshore winds since about Wednesday.

Looking ahead and the forecast does not improve much either unfortunately, with moderate to strong onshore winds forecast to stay with us at least through until Sunday, although the winds will drop ever so slightly on Sunday, which is at least some consolation.

Therefore, swimmers can expect to find choppy and slightly messy ocean conditions across most beaches over the coming days, with the more open and exposed beaches being slightly worse as well.

You will need to look for locations that are protected from the prevailing winds if you are swimming, and, the better conditions will be found through the early mornings before the winds get up too much.

The pick of the beaches for swimmers will certainly be Hervey Bay and Agnes Water (adjacent to the headland), but Moore Park Beach and Nielson Park Beach will also be okay as well.

Be careful if swimming though, as there will be a side sweep running along most beaches from right to left, as well as a little bit of wave action, which may cause rips to develop on the open and exposed beaches.

Please check with the lifeguard on duty, read any safety signage or messages, and most importantly please swim only at patrolled beaches, only between the red and yellow flags, and only during patrol times – remember, if we can’t see you, we can’t save you!

Beach patrols: Today and weekdays – Nil

Saturday and Sunday – 9am to 5pm at Kelly’s Beach and Agnes Water only

Surfing: There has not been too much to get excited about this week in relation to waves, with mostly calm and flat seas being the norm up until Tuesday.

However, over the past day or two, there has been an increase in wave heights – well enough to entice the board-riders out for some fun anyway!

The wave heights have not been great but hovering around that 1 to 2 foot size range, with the odd bigger one sneaking through, and this is likely to remain the same through today and across the weekend.

Therefore, try your luck through the early mornings at locations such as Agnes Water, Nielson Park, Moore Park Beach and Mon Repos, and maybe even again from mid-afternoon onwards. Good Luck.

For the SUP and ocean ski/kayak paddlers, there should be plenty of good conditions about from today onwards for those looking for a slick downwind paddle (south to north) and even some fun wave action, however, for those less experienced users, it does appear that the protected rivers and creeks will be the better options.

Events:  Nil.

Important note: Remember there are updated COVID-19 restrictions, if you are at the beach, please maintain the social/physical distancing minimum guidelines and abide by the current group gathering guidelines as well.