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First-ever third party insurance for Neuron e-scooters

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Neuron Mobility will be launching third party insurance for rental e-scooters.

Neuron Mobility has announced it will launch Australia and New Zealand's first third party rider liability insurance for e-scooters.

Neuron Mobility has been undertaking a 12 month e-scooter trial in Bundaberg and Bargara which commenced in April 2021.

Taking effect from 21 May 2021, Neuron said it's the first time in Australia and New Zealand that riders of rental e-scooters would be covered for liability to third parties during their journeys.

This extended cover will complement Neuron’s existing AUD $20 million public liability insurance, along with the company’s personal accident insurance, giving riders added peace of mind in case of an incident during their ride.

CEO of Neuron Mobility Zachary Wang said Neuron was “delighted” to launch the first third party insurance cover in the industry for Australia and New Zealand.

“We have a long history of industry leadership, particularly when it comes to safety, so it’s great to keep ahead of the game by protecting both our riders and the public with this insurance,” Mr Wang said.

“Although there are very few e-scooter incidents involving third parties, we want to give our riders, and the community as a whole, added peace of mind and security.

“We are the only rental e-scooter company to offer a full suite of rider liability cover in Australia and New Zealand.

“Safety is our top priority, it dictates our e-scooter design and also the way we operate. Our e-scooters are packed with cutting-edge safety features and we know from our existing operations around Australia and New Zealand that riders really appreciate this.”

Neuron has partnered with the Australian Road Safety Foundation and Brake who provide valuable input into Neuron’s approach to safety for e-scooter riders.

Director of Brake Caroline Perry said it is fantastic to see third party insurance cover being introduced.

“We hope this development will not only help the community to feel reassured that e-scooters on the streets are covered by insurance, but also set a higher standard for operators, and will contribute to driving the e-scooter industry forward,” Ms Perry said.

Neuron’s introduction of third party cover represents an important step forward for the e-scooter industry in Australia and New Zealand, bringing the level of protection associated with Neuron’s service similar to more traditional transport modes.

This announcement is the latest in a range of safety initiatives for Road Safety Week (17-23 May).

The third party insurance announcement coincides with the launch of a city specific in-app rider safety quiz, that promotes responsible riding and rewards users with a $5 credit towards their next trip.

It is also supported by a range of in-person ScootSafe activations in every city that involves ‘Safety Ambassadors’ engaging one-to-one with riders and the general public to educate and highlight the rules and top safety guidelines for riding an e-scooter.

More information on the safety features of Neuron e-scooters can be found on their website.