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Taste Bundaberg at HSG at the Gardens

HSG at the Gardens
HSG at the Gardens owner and chef Dion Taylor.

Next month, HSG at the Gardens will host three events throughout the 10-day Taste Bundaberg festival, showcasing the delicious produce grown in the region.

Home to 25% of Australia’s fresh produce, there is no better place than the Bundaberg Region to celebrate fresh and tasty culinary delights.

HSG at the Gardens owner and chef Dion Taylor said the festival was a great opportunity to showcase quality family-owned and grown produce.

“The back story behind each family is what makes this produce so great and how from little things, big things have grown,” he said.

“There has been so much trial and error, but the strive to achieve a product that represents each family remains consistently in the back of minds.”

Throughout his time working in the food industry, Dion has always endeavoured to achieve one simple thing.

“My personal goal working in the food industry is to showcase great produce and give folks a little bit of direction as to where their food actually comes from,” he said.

“There will be some amazing events hosted over the festival period, so try to attend one or all of them.”

The three events being hosted at HSG at the Gardens include:

Paddock to Plate Luncheon

Featuring a range of local growers from across the region including Allison Acres Hydroponic lettuce, Bundy Fungi and Hill Produce, the Paddock to Plate experience is not to be missed.

Dion said there would be the opportunity to meet the faces behind the growers at the event.

“This will be an opportunity to meet three of the regions local value-add growers,” he said.

“This is a great chance to hear their unique stories as to why they have set themselves up in smaller scale operations and they will share about their food passions and their journeys on this road.”

You can purchase tickets here.

HSG Private Dining Experiences

Combining local flavours and talent, this limited number event will be co-hosted by Brett Doss from Wynestory Group.

With an interactive element, the event is designed to allow guests to ask questions in a Q&A format.

A set menu has been provided for the evening.

You can purchase tickets here.

Kadilly Coffee Appreciation

Kadilly Coffee Cranky Pants
Kadilly Coffee owner Rod Walmsley.

The face behind Kadilly Coffee Rod Walmsley will take guests through the different stages of bean preparation, from growing to roasting to grinding and the final stages of euphoria.

This is the perfect session for someone who loves coffee and has questions to ask – especially wanting to learn about more than just ordering a good coffee.

With limited places available at the event, get in quickly and book your spot here.

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