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Red Bench highlights domestic and family violence

domestic and family violence awareness
IMPACT’s Intensive Family Support team at the Red Bench located in the courtyard at IMPACT Community Services

Each May, Queensland marks Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month to raise community awareness of domestic and family violence.

The aim is to send a clear message that violence in families and homes is not and will not be tolerated.

This year IMPACT’s Intensive Family Support team has shown its support for the Red Rose Foundation’s Red Bench Project.

The Red Rose Foundation is a national not for profit charity that works to end domestic violence throughout Queensland, and the red bench is a permanent reminder that domestic violence occurs within all communities, everywhere.

IMPACT is proud to be a supporter of this initiative and has recently installed a red bench in the 108 Bargara Road courtyard for people to see, use, and understand.

Handmade by the NDIS participants from IMPACT’s “Rob’s Shed” program, the red bench and accompanying plaque provide a visual reminder that violence not only happens everywhere, but that as community the Bundaberg people are actively working to stop violence and conflict.

IMPACT recently held an information day regarding the launch of the new MATE Bystander Program.

The project recruits everyday locals and trains them to recognise conflict behaviour and use safe intervention methods to interrupt the cycle of violence.

The MATE initiative has been a collaboration between Uniting Care & Family Relationship Centre, Family Law Pathways Network and IMPACT’s Intensive Family Support (IFS) team who see and are involved in conflict resolution on a daily basis.

domestic and family violence awareness
IMPACT’s Intensive Family Support team have shown their support for the Red Rose Foundation’s Red Bench Project.

The IFS team has been working with families in the Bundaberg region, who are experiencing multiple and/or complex needs who have children unborn to 18 years of age, for over three years.

The service delivers parenting support through tailored interventions to build the skills and capacity of parents and carers to safely nurture and protect their children, and refers to external supports in need.

With domestic and family violence rates increasing during the pandemic and the added pressure of reduced housing in the region it’s more important than ever that the community become educated on safe intervention methods, and become a voice for those that have been silenced.

As a whole, the community needs to stand up and say no to violence.

It’s not welcome in our region, and it won’t be tolerated by our people.

To find out how you can “Be Someone Who Does Something”, phone IMPACT today on 4153 4233 and mention the MATE Bystander Program, or email your interest to mclarke@impact.org.au.

Help IMPACT on their journey to improve lives.

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