LifestyleTurtles make a splash in Moore Park Beach Motel mural

Turtles make a splash in Moore Park Beach Motel mural

Turtle mural
Moore Park Beach Motel mural

A splash of colour has been added to the walls of the Moore Park Beach Motel which has become an attraction for locals and visitors alike.

Bringing the area to life, the mural that has been in place for three weeks showcases the turtles which call the Bundaberg Region home.

Owners Jan Alcock and Charlie Ikstrums hoped to brighten the motel walls, whilst creating a tourist attraction at the same time.

“We had a blank wall that looked awful and wanted to make it a bit brighter,” Jan said.

“We thought we would make it a bit of a tourist attraction to promote Moore Park Beach.

“We have had it completed for about three weeks and has created a lot of interest by locals and those who have visited the area.”

With the Bundaberg Region renowned for its turtles, it was a simple design decision for Jan and Charlie who knew it would have appeal.

“Turtles are iconic in this part of the world and we have turtles on our beach as well and we find that everyone is fascinated by them,” she said.

“The beach areas in Bundaberg are known as turtle places and we wanted something that stands out.”

Jan Alcock at Moore Park Beach Motel wall mural

Jan and Charlie got in touch with Dan from Street Art Concepts, a Brisbane based street and corporate art company, who mocked up the designs and had the murals completed in the space of three days.

“We told him that we wanted the life cycle of the turtle and he put up a few concepts together and we decided on the final design from there,” she said.

“He then came up and completed the painting of the mural in three days which was fantastic.”

The mural work continues into the pool area inside the motel to provide a seaside escape for those spending time in the pool.

The motel looks forward to welcoming many more visitors to the region, having seen steady business over the past few months.

“The motel has been busy over the past few months with people who would usually go overseas but now can’t so are instead exploring Queensland,” Jan said.

“Moore Park Beach is off the beaten track on the road to nowhere and undiscovered.”




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