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Community takes part in funny Dunny Dash event

The Buxton community's Dunny Dash was a huge success at the weekend.

A kart with a toilet throne on top made it's way around Buxton on Saturday, followed by a throng of enthusiastic residents who were taking part in the community Dunny Dash event.

The annual activity is an initiative by the Buxton Friendship Association and helps to raise funds for the club to spread throughout the community.

Organiser Yvonne Garnham said the event was an opportunity for residents to have a laugh while getting active and spreading some cheer throughout the town.

“How it all works is we have a kart with a toilet on top which has to be pushed for 10 kilometres while someone sits on the throne,” she said.

“This year we had about 15 people participating and, through generous sponsors, we raised about $1500 which will go back into the community.

“We are hoping to use some of the money to purchase some air conditioner units for the community hall because it gets quite hot here.”

Participants had a ball at the annual dash.

Yvonne said the Dunny Dash event was now in its fifth year and was for every person of any age and ability to get involved in.

“It's not a competition, it's just a fun walk where people can take part or just come along to watch,” she said.

“Everyone just laughs the whole way, it's so much fun.

“The participants were so excited, at one point they lost control of the cart and ran up a gutter!”

Yvonne said after the 10km trek was completed, the Dunny Dash culminated with a free barbecue for the community to enjoy.

She said this year's event was a huge success, with participants ranging in age from eight years old to 70.

“It was great, every one had such a fantastic time,” she said.

“I've actually already had so many phone calls from people asking when next year's event will be!”

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