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Pillowcase Program helps Woongarra students prepare

As part of the Pillowcase Program, Woongarra State School students drew pictures on their own pillowcases to remind them what was important to remember in an emergency situation.

Woongarra State School students are spreading the word about being prepared in an emergency after completing the Australian Red Cross Pillowcase Program this week.

Carolyn Wood and Rhonda Challen, Pillowcase Program presenters, provided the students from each year four class with important information about how to be prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster at an age appropriate level.

Students worked together to identify items that were most important to have with them and also learned how to “breathe with colour” to help them to calm down and think clearly.

“While children can be vulnerable in an emergency, they can also learn how to be prepared,” Carolyn said.

Students also worked with the educators to identify different types of emergency and disaster situations before discussing the types of items they would most need in these situations.

Students participating in the Pillowcase Program.

After completing a group activity identifying those items most important to them personally in an emergency or disaster, students then drew pictures of these items on their own pillow case as a reminder.

“The children engaged quickly in the discussion and were able to prioritise those items most important in an emergency or disaster situation,” teacher Jacqui Liston said.

“Woongarra State School was grateful for the opportunity to team up with the Australian Red Cross to work with students and looks forward to a return visit in term three where year three students will have the same opportunity.”