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Workshop to help climb the hills of grief and loss

grief and loss workshop
Mediation and relationship specialist Julie Mayer will present a workshop titled “Surviving the Losses in Life” in Childers later this month.

Grief and loss are immensely personal issues for most people and navigating those dark corridors can be a tough emotional challenge.

“Surviving the Losses in Life” is a program soon to be presented in Childers by Julie Mayer, a woman with more than 30 years involvement in sharing knowledge gained chiefly through personal life experience.

“People often ask me about my qualifications,” Julie said.

While having a veritable alphabet of letters after her name, it is the practical insights she has gained through her own journey that provides the basis of a rich repository of knowledge.

“I was originally a nurse and worked extensively in palliative care and chiefly with children.

“After the loss of my own infant daughter I found I couldn’t work in that area any longer,” she said.

Her background and an ability to empathise with people encouraged Julie to study and achieve multiple qualifications in mediation and relationship advice.

During her career, Julie has worked, and continues to work with individuals, families, groups and corporations.

Julie said the program will cover a multitude of topics and the workshop does involve some smaller group discussions where participants can collectively arrive at a consensus that she can further explore with them.

“It’s certainly not about each person spilling details they wish to keep personal. Clearly, each incident of loss or grief is unique to each person and their circumstances.”

Julie’s aim is to shine a light on a pathway or strategy for each person to survive their individual emotional challenge.

“At times an individual is stuck and finds it impossible to advance their life. Others, on their journey can look back three hills later and say ‘that was a tough valley to cross’ but I made it.

Julie said the workshop was a safe place for anyone experiencing grief or loss to attend.

“I certainly intend to have a finger on the pulse of each participants emotional well-being.”

The workshop will be held at the Wesleyan Church premises, 6 Broadhurst Street, on Saturday, July 17 from 10am until 2pm.

“I do not want people to think this is a church focussed event. COVID-19 restrictions mean we require premises that meet certain criteria and the program is being presented with the support of Pastor Alan Brown and the Wesleyan Church family,” Julie said.

Cost of the workshop is $10 per person with morning tea and lunch provided.

Bookings can be made by contacting Bev on 0403 662 311 or via email bev7@mail.com

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