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Childers Festival ghost tours “the real deal”

Midnight Ghost Tour
Hosted by Jo Marshall of JoJo’s Day Tours, the Midnight Ghost Tour is not for the fainthearted but definitely recommended for the open minded.

Step back in time on a spine-tingling adventure that delves into the supernatural side of the region’s history when Jo Jo’s Midnight Ghost Tours joins the line-up for Childers Festival.

Participants will get to discover the barbaric and mysterious potions used in an apothecary shop in the 1890s before departing on the spooky ghost bus tour.

There will also be a chance to uncover the myths surrounding one of the most haunted pubs in Australia while enjoying a two-course sit down meal.

For those who can stomach even more ghoulish tales, hear about “Luke”, a resident ghost who wanders around upstairs, opening locks and doors.

The bus will then head to the burial site of an innocent murder victim and knowledgeable tour guide Jo Marshall will share other unfortunate tales from days gone by.

“The midnight ghost tour is the real deal, there is nothing made up,” Jo said.

“All I can say to people is to be open minded to what you might feel or experience.”

Jo said one of the fascinating aspects of her tours was the fact that each and every one was different because of the various energies that people attracted.

“Some people feel dizzy or breathless which is part of feeling something around you, although they don’t say anything until they hear someone else say they have felt something too,” she said.

Jo said her own mother was one of the biggest sceptics when it came to the spirit world but even she had changed her tune.

“My mother was an old-style matron down in Victoria and she was a sceptic about the whole thing but she has been on every trip that I have done so far,” she said.

“She has now very quietly gone from a sceptic to saying she has no answer to what she has seen.”

The Childers Festival ghost tour will be held on Thursday July 22, departing from River Cruz Café on Quay Street in Bundaberg at 6pm, returning at 11pm.

The tour is $85 per person and includes a two course sit down meal.

You can purchase tickets for the tour here.

View the full Childers Festival program here.