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Bundaberg Pottery Group unveils sculptural poles

Bundaberg Pottery Group
The Bundaberg Pottery Group are celebrating the completion of their Sculptural Poles Project

The Bundaberg Pottery Group has completed its Sculptural Poles Project, inviting the community to see the new installation as part of the Craft Centre open day.

The poles project was jointly funded through Bundaberg Regional Council's Microgrant Program and the Bundaberg Pottery Group.

With the Bundaberg Pottery Group's home in the Craft Centre located along busy Walker Street, President Necia Rosevear said the poles would make a statement and attract attention.

“The sculptural poles project started off as a way of making our entrance to the Walker Street Craft Centre more interesting and the idea being to attract people to come in,” Necia said.

“At the moment this place has been here for 20 years and a lot of people still don’t know where it is so we hope the sculptures will help to attract attention.”

While the pottery club led the project it came to fruition with the help of the other groups within the craft centre.

“The whole pottery club was involved in the project as well as the pyrographers and other members from the Woodworkers guild,” Necia said.

“The panels were made from the members here and just about every member contributed at least one panel and some made more and we have eighty panels there.”

With the pottery group previously based at the Bundaberg Showgrounds, the group moved into the Walker Street space around 20 years ago, with the other clubs joining them not long after.

“The craft centre started off with just us as the Pottery group and then the woodworkers came and then the art society came and now it has become a little hub for the three groups who all run classes and workshops.”

The group is always open to new members, with the best way to join being to go in and visit the group.

“People can come in and have a look around and see what areas they are interested and join up,” Necia said.

“Most of us are happy to take members now and we are happy to have people come in on a regular or irregular basis.”

The open day provides a great opportunity for members of the public to visit the Walker Street Craft Centre to see the range of projects the groups are working on.

The open day will be held on Saturday 14 August from 8.30 am until 2.00 pm.

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