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Gallery worker finalist in prestigious art award

gallery art award
The painting “Who We Once Were” that Vanessa Christi named a finalist in the Lethbridge 20 000 Small Scale Art Award.

Working at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery is a dream come true for Vanessa Christi who was recently a finalist in the prestigious Lethbridge 20 000 Small Scale Art Award.

Vanessa’s joy and passion for art is reflected in the way her face lights up whenever she speaks of it.

Working at Council’s Galleries on a part-time basis is a dream job for Vanessa, allowing her to be surrounded by what she loves.

As an artist in her own right, painting under the name of Vanessa Allegra, she was thrilled to be named a finalist in the prestigious small scale art award.

The award is open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks, and works are judged on their creativity, originality and skill.

Vanessa’s submission was a portrait of colleague Rachel Weldon.

Vanessa was inspired to paint Rachel after she noticed how the lighting captured her face while she was curating artworks within the gallery.

“Sometimes I will see a face or object and catch a glimpse of where the light hits in a certain way,” Vanessa said.

“I am struck by that and want to capture it within my artwork.

gallery art award
Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery staff member Vanessa Christi helps to care for artwork on exhibition.

“In Rachel’s case, my painting shows how the light from above her shone on her cheeks, nose and her beautiful, almost aqua eyes.

“I’ve added brush strokes across her mouth representing a mask which tells her story of not being able to visit her family interstate during COVID.”

Council’s Gallery Director Rebecca McDuff said she was proud of Vanessa’s achievement.

“This is a prestigious prize and it is exciting to see one of our regional artists, who is also a Gallery team member, to be chosen as a finalist,” Rebecca said.

Vanessa comes from a long line of artists with her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and sisters also loving to paint. 

She said her mother and sisters were always happy to offer advice and give her honest feedback on her work.

Studying at the Atelier School of Fine Arts has also introduced Vanessa to some of the best in the art world.

“Being surrounded by them and their work, and seeing the way they paint, was truly inspiring,” Vanessa said.

“Applying what I’ve learnt and becoming a finalist in a prestigious award like this one, helps with the value of your work.

“To be able to sell my entry on the opening night of the Award’s exhibition was extremely satisfying.”

More of Vanessa’s work can be viewed on her website