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Rudy ready to bring joy to your home

Rudy is a Kelpie cross Border Collie.

Rudy is a typical Kelpie cross Border Collie who, at just one-year-old is joyful, silly, playful and impulsive.

Behind the fun, there is a wonderful, clever boy hidden away who just needs some time and basic training to bring out the best in him.

He loves other dogs, and will play with anyone, for as long as you will let him, only taking short breaks to check in and make sure you are still there.

There's nothing not to love about Rudy, he's a complete joy.

Rudy is microhipped, desexed, vaccinated and wormed.

He would be well suited to a family with kids over five years of age.

He hasn't been tested with cats or other animals.

You can find out more about adopting Rudy here.

About Red Collar Rescue

Red Collar Rescue is a small rescue at Biggenden, Queensland that aims to provide temporary refuge and eventually new homes for abandoned, abused, unwanted and death row dogs.

All dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and desexed prior to being made available for sale to the public.

They are always looking for forever homes for their deserving dogs, rehoming over 3200 dogs since they started in 2009.

Red Collar Rescue is located at 476 Woowoonga Hall Road, Woowoonga, just off the Isis Highway between Childers and Biggenden.

You can find out more about Red Collar Rescue here.

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