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Bruce Highway upgrade planned near Wallaville

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Work is being undertaken along the Bruce Highway, south of Wallaville, as part of TMR's Bruce Highway Upgrade Program.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads will this week begin works to install overtaking lanes along the Bruce Highway south of Wallaville as part of the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program.

The works include the construction of three new overtaking lanes, including a northbound and a southbound overtaking lane between Mixhills and Walla Island Roads.

There will also be a new southbound overtaking lane between Clarke Innes Road and Mittlehausers Road.

“A major culvert south of the Loeskows Road intersection will also be replaced as part of the works due to the poor condition of the existing structure,” a TMR spokesperson said.

“A side-track will provide a detour to motorists as the new culvert is installed.”

The spokesperson said works would also be undertaken to flatten batters along the highway, providing a safer, more forgiving roadside.

“Where the batters cannot be feasibly flattened, a guardrail will be installed to provide protection to road users,” they said.

“Wide Centre Line Treatment will also be installed along the highway to provide increased separation between oncoming traffic.”

GRC Civil will undertake the works on behalf of the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), with the project expected to take 22 months to complete, weather permitting.

Works will take place from 6 September and generally be undertaken Monday to Saturday between 6 am and 6 pm.

During the works motorists can expect changed traffic conditions including reduced speed limits, stop/go traffic control.

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