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Four Wheel Drive Club takes part in Ladies Day Drive

Ladies Day Drive
Members dressed in their best for the Ladies Day Drive.

Father's Day each year is set aside for the Ladies Day Drive for members of the Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club.

The day is run so the male members can have the day off from driving.

If you didn’t have a lady driver, you were fined, unless the male driver wore female apparel.

Some members donned dresses to add to the day’s entertainment.

The outing is a fun family day out and about, with fines being given for any indiscretions.

Any money raised on the day is donated to a charity which our club nominates each year.

The beneficiary of our fundraising efforts will be the Rural Fire Service.

There is no urban fire service coverage in rural, semi-rural and some urban fringe areas of Queensland.

The Rural Fire Service (RFS) is the volunteer side of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and provides fire services to 93% of Queensland's vast state.

The RFS is made up of about 30,000 volunteers, including 2400 fire wardens, who make up approximately 1400 rural fire brigades.

Although there is a general perception that the main role of RFS volunteers is active firefighting, there is more to being a member of a rural fire brigade.

RFS volunteers provide services in their local area, including fighting landscape fires, hazard prevention and mitigation advice, (controlled burns etc.), issuing fire permits and Fire Warden activities, community education and engagement, disaster management response and recovery operations.

Our convoy of 21 vehicles headed out, traversing through the Burrum Coast National Park.

Ladies Day Drive
Melanie Newth showing the men how its done.

The tracks had some testing sections which gave the ladies, that rarely drive, the added confidence to tackle terrains they would normally be in the passenger’s seat for.

Vehicles were put through their paces, some making it more easily than others.

A stop at the Woodgate Hotel had tongues waging when some questionable fashion choices entered.

Some banter from the patrons was had and in the spirit of the day well received, complementing us on our fundraising efforts.

At the end of the trip the group commented on how good the day had panned out and, in the end, the main winner was the Rural Fire Service, with $200 raised on the outing.

This amount raised at the ladies day event will be added to our other fundraising venture, our 2022 calendar, which showcases trips and members vehicles out and about, and are on sale from the club now.

Ladies Day Drive
A drag race to finish off the drive.

To find out more on the Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club and activities we have on, contact us via email at info@bundaberg4wdclub.com, the website at www.bundaberg4wdclub.com or catch us on Facebook or Instagram.

Brad Praed
Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club


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