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Liam Lowth launches play at Moncrieff

Failure to Launch Liam Lowth
Local writer Liam Lowth will showcase his latest play, Failure to Launch, at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre soon.

The creative talents of Bundaberg writer Liam Lowth will be showcased with the presentation of his play “Failure to Launch” at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre later this month.

Original storytellers provide the lifeblood of live theatre and Liam has been establishing an impressive catalogue of published works over the past four or five years.

Liam, 27, the son of Kath and well-respected local police officer Tim Lowth, undertook some primary schooling in Childers and completed his secondary education at Shalom College.

He graduated from Griffith Film School with a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media and is currently teaching drama to high school students in Brisbane where he lives and continues his studies.

Failure to Launch was written by Liam with the assistance of a Regional Arts Development Fund grant.

Liam Lowth play set in shadows of Y2K bug

The play is a breakup story about blokes and is set in the shadows of the Y2K bug which hovered menacingly as the the world slipped into the year 2000.

Crafting the story has allowed Liam to incorporate his fascination with the Australian vernacular which, for him, achieved prominence through his travels in Australia and overseas.

He said Australians were renowned, and in many instances admired the world over for the use of slang and an almost careless appreciation of the English language.

“Failure to Launch is the story of four mates, each with differing personalities and social status who react in varied ways as the pressure of the unknown consequences of the Y2K bug threaten to explode across the Australian and world landscapes.

“People around in the years 1999/2000 will have an appreciation of the uncertainty that pervaded society as midnight on New Years Eve 1999 ticked ever closer and the effects of the Y2K bug would become apparent,” Liam said.

“Would the world experience a computerised catastrophe? Would planes fall out of the skies?

“Opinions were divided and it was this difference of opinion that caused rifts in friendships, professional disparity and which is the underlying theme of the story,” Liam said.

“I guess the four central characters are somewhat exaggerated Australian archetypes. We have big talking James Erskine who returns to his hometown and links with friends Franc, Ant and the explosive Rob.”

Relationships fracture and crumble

“The story revolves around how this point in history caused their relationships to fracture and crumble. It’s quite an intense piece of work but I hope, that like any good piece of art, it asks questions of ourselves.”

Many of Liam’s essays have appeared in noted publications such as Tincture Journal, Veronica Mag, and Writer’s Edit. In 2017 Liam’s story, ‘Jennifer Aniston Eats Strawberries in Paris,’ was performed in Adelaide at the 2017 Quart Short Summer Event.

Liam has linked with THAT Production Company which is directing his play. He has previously worked with the team and is enjoying the learning process associated with theatre direction and production.

Liam’s sister Siobhan Lowth is an emerging artist and one of her paintings is among the HERE + now 2021 exhibition of Bundaberg artists currently displaying at the Childers Arts Space.

Failure to Launch will be presented on two nights, September 30 and October 1 at the Moncrieff.

Liam Lowth's production is 90 minutes and bookings can be made online or by contacting Moncrieff Box Office 4130 4100.