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Shy Henry needs a calm, loving home

Henry Bundaberg RSPCA
Henry is currently available for adoption at the Bundaberg RSPCA.

Five-month-old Henry is currently available for adoption at Bundaberg RSPCA and is looking for a calm, kind and understanding home.

The mixed mareema sheepdog needs someone who will give him lots of time to help him build his confidence and feel secure in the world.

He can be shy and a little nervous when exposed to new experiences.

His new guardian will need to understand the benefit in giving him choices and not force him into situations which make him uncomfortable.

A home with older children would be preferred and a secure yard is a must.

Henry will grow up to be a big dog and will require a high quality diet to help his development.

He is only just starting to show us what a gorgeous boy he really is and is now becoming more playful and enjoying belly rubs.

He is dog friendly and would be happy to meet your current dog.

Henry's adoption price is $350 which includes his desexing, health check, up-to-date vaccinations, flea anbd worm treatments.

Find out more about Henry and how to adopt here.

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