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Bundy Flukes celebrate 10 years of happy strumming

Bundy Flukes
Bundy Flukes founders Wally and Wendy Mills at the 10 year celebration.

Creating beautiful melodies while strumming four simple strings, you won't find a happier group than the Bundy Flukes who have just celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

The group of ukulele players evolved after founder Wendy Mills, along with her husband Wally, decided to start teaching others the musical instrument they were so passionate about.

“I was playing the ukulele by myself and teaching at U3A and at the end of the year we decided to form a group,” she said.

“We had a competition to come up with our group name and Bundaberg Fun Loving Ukuleles was chosen.

“It has been shortened to Bundy Flukes which is what we are known as now.”

The group recently came together at a celebration showcasing 10 years of fun and friendship.

Wendy reminisced on the many years she had spent playing the ukulele, and said the formation of Bundy Flukes was something she had always wanted to achieve.

“It's always been a dream of mine since I was quite young,” she said.

“I've played the ukulele since I was 10 and I have always thought it would be wonderful to have a group to enjoy playing along with.

“I really do feel the ukulele is an extremely happy instrument and you can't help but be happy and joyful when you're playing it.”

The Bundy Flukes has been extremely popular over the years, participating in a number of concerts and regular performances at venues and entertaining people through various organisations.

Bundy Flukes
The Bundy Flukes celebrated their 10 year anniversary recently.

Wendy said while the ukulele might seem like a small and simple instrument, it actually came in various sizes and forms.

“I've got several different ukuleles and they have all got different sounds,” she said.

“We have a bass ukulele, the club bought one a few years ago and it just gives extra rhythm.”

The “Bundy Flukes” was run by Wendy and Wally until 2019, when health issues made it necessary to hand over the reins.

The group is now an incorporated association, with a committee and weekly meetings are run by Julie Myers.

“I am just very very delighted that the group is still going after 10 years,” Wendy said.

“Long may it continue.”

Bundy Flukes
The Bundy Flukes came together to celebrate their 10th birthday.