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Taribelang Bunda tours share culture and stories

Taribelang Bunda tours
Uncle Wayne Mothe and Uncle David Broome at The Hummock, a culturally significant area to the Taribelang Bunda people.

New cultural tours, being launched during Milbi Festival, will see Taribelang Bunda Elders share language and dreamtime and historical stories at significant sites across the region.

The Taribelang Bunda people have lived in the Bundaberg Region for over 60,000 years.

The special opportunity to hear these stories from Traditional Owners will take form as Taribelang Bunda Cultural Tours, where participants will be immersed in the richness of country and culture.

Tour guide Rebecca Domaille said the festival tours would open up a dialogue with guests about moving forward together as one.

“Taribelang Bunda Cultural Tours will highlight the importance of the turtles to the Taribelang Bunda people and significant and sacred site where they nest at Mon Repos,” Rebecca said.

“Our tours will give a well-rounded, authentic view of Bundaberg's history, exploring the unique sites and stories and looking at yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“These stories come from local historians including our Taribelang Elders and there are many stories that most locals will not know.”

Taribelang Bunda Elders Uncle Wayne Mothe and Uncle David Broome said The Hummock would be included as part of the tours due to its cultural significance.

The Taribelang people were the first to inhabit the area that was once called “burning mountain”.

“What our old Aunties used to tell us is that they used to come up to The Hummock, way back before colonisation, to pray,” Uncle David said.

“It was a really spiritual place and I have heard that there were footprints on the rocks that were left from a spiritual being who came down to visit the area.”

Uncle Wayne added the site was later used as a meeting place for the Taribelang Bunda men.

“They would meet in regards to business,” he said.

“Women were not allowed at the site and instead, their meeting place was over towards Kepnock way.”

Uncle David and Uncle Wayne said it was important to share their stories to keep Taribelang Bunda history alive.

“We like to make people aware of what is happening in the area, the historical side in regards to aboriginal culture,” Uncle Wayne said.

“It is good to share in the knowledge of our history, which many people may not know about.”

“We also like to pass on our knowledge and stories to our young people, to our sons and daughters and grandchildren so that they can continue to share our history,” Uncle David added.

Milbi tours an opportunity to learn

Rebecca said the Milbi tours were a unique and special invitation to connect with the culture of the Taribelang Bunda people.

“Taribelang Bunda history is scattered around the Bundaberg Region, even in the name Bundaberg,” she said.

“The Elders are very excited to share these stories with the community.

“They believe that the knowledge and acceptance of the past will only create a better future for our entire community as one.”

Taribelang Bunda Cultural Tours will be held on Monday 1, Thursday 4 and Saturday 6 November.

Ticket numbers are limited, book your ticket here.

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