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Yoga teacher brings ecstatic dance to Elliott Heads

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David Chauncy The local man will offer ecstatic dance workshops in Elliott Heads from the end of October.

Qualified Bundaberg yoga teacher David Chauncy has used his passion in connecting mind and body to develop workshops focused on the movement of dance.

The local man will offer ecstatic dance workshops in Elliott Heads from the end of October and said the form of dance allowed participants to freely express their emotions through movement. 

David said ecstatic dance had clear boundaries to protect personal space and was an alcohol and drug-free program.

“Ecstatic dance was made popular by American woman Gabrielle Roth who started 5Rhythms Dance,” he said.

“There are no choreographed steps to be followed, it is completely free form. 

“The smallest movement can be as profound as the biggest movement, there is no need to push, no need to hold back, everything is welcome. “

Yoga teacher David Chauncy is bringing Ecstatic Dance to the region.

David said he had been practicing ecstatic dance since 2017 and had recently become an accredited teacher. 

“The thing I found in dance was a connection back to rhythm,” he said. 

“Through this connection I reacquainted myself with David as a young boy when he lost his connection with his heart and that beat. 

“Through dance I have experienced moments of overwhelming happiness, joy and excitement – collectively called ecstasy.”

David said not only did ecstatic dance explore emotion, it also told a story, like most aspects of movement.

“Movement is a form of communication, the first,” he said.

“Someone walks into a room and before a word is spoken their movement will portray mood, confidence, state of being. 

“It’s hard to fake movement, it is in our subtle body.”

David will host his first ecstatic dance workshop at the Elliott Heads Hall on October 24.

To find out more or to register for the event call David on 0402 262 202, on Facebook here or email yogab4t@gmail.com.

Event details

Where: Elliott Heads Hall

When: Sunday, October 24, 10am to 11.30am

Cost: $15 ($10 concession)

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