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Chinook aircraft take to the skies in Bundaberg

Australian Army Chinook
Hayden Matthews captured an Australian Army Chinook at the Bundaberg Airport on Friday.

Eyes were to the sky on Friday as aviation enthusiasts and photographers spotted two Australian Army Chinook aircraft in the region.

The large helicopters, which are used for troop movement, artillery emplacement and battlefield resupply, took some time to circle the coast before stopping at Bundaberg Airport for refuelling.

The first aircraft arrived in the region during the morning before a second Chinook was called in to bring in a spare part.

Bundaberg resident Hayden Matthews said he was thrilled to capture some footage of the unique Australian Army aircraft.

“The first Chinook I saw was heading down from Rockhampton just after 11 am and arrived here in Bundy just after lunch time for a refuel,” he said.

“Then another arrived at about 3.40 pm the same day.”

Australian Army Chinook. Video by Hayden Matthews.

Hayden said he had taken an interest in army aircraft and vehicles after discovering a passion for military photography two years prior.

“I love photographing interesting things (military) that stops by Bundy,” he said.

“It all started during Talisman Sabre 2019 after I found a few radar apps that tracked them.

“I am an avid photographer for anything interesting like planes or helicopters.”

According to the Australian Army, the Boeing CH-47 Chinook is a versatile, twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter that can reach a top speed of 315 kilometres per hour.

It is faster than many contemporary utility and attack helicopters.


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