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St Mary’s students raise money for Socktober

St Mary's Socktober
Councillor Vince Habermann with St Mary’s Catholic Primary School students who participated in the Socktober Catholic Mission fundraiser to support vulnerable children in Thailand.

Students of all ages got into the spirit as St Mary’s Catholic Primary School celebrated Crazy Socks Day to help raise money for the Catholic Mission initiative of Socktober for the month of October.

Socktober encourages students across Australia to kick goals on and off the pitch to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Thailand and around the world. 

St Mary’s Assistant Principal Religious Education Mr David Boge said students wore crazy/different socks to raise awareness of the important work of charity and justice that Catholic Mission provide, both nationally and internationally.

“Each class also accepted the challenge of creating and designing soccer balls made out of recycled materials to follow up a video they watched during class about a village who were brought closer together by the universal game of soccer,” Mr Boge said.

“The Socktober Shootout allowed students to have some fun with the soccer balls they have made throughout the Socktober Challenge.

“A big thank you to Councillor Vince Habermann, who was formerly a student at the old St Mary’s School from Year 1 to 4 from 1966-69, for joining us to be our ‘celebrity goalkeeper’.

“Students happily brought a gold coin to donate, and there were extra donations pledged for every goal that they scored in the shoot-out.

“In total, over $500 was raised for this most worthy cause, which was a great achievement while everyone had some fun for a great cause.”

Mr Boge said this year, their collective fundraising efforts will support vulnerable children in Thailand through a kindergarten run by the Good Shepherd Sisters in Bangkok.

“The kindergarten provides a caring learning environment for the children and allows their parents, often single mothers, to work and support the family,” he said. 

“St Mary’s motto is Knowledge and Love – Loving to Learn. Learning to Live and we live by this motto.”