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Shalom teacher performs with Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke
Shalom Performing Arts teach Stella Hutchins sings on stage with Kate Miller-Heidke at the Moncrieff.

Shalom College performing arts teacher Stella Hutchins was centre stage with Australian songstress Kate Miller-Heidke on Saturday night after she was invited to sing with the star as part of her Moncrieff show.

Stella said the opportunity came about after the singer found out just how much of a fan she was.

“I have always been really inspired by Kate Miller-Heidke and her way with lyrics and music,” she said.

“Over the last couple of years my mum and I have watched many of her performances.

“When we heard Kate was coming to Bundy, my mum reached out to her and told her how much I love her music and it kind of just went from there!”

Stella said she was lucky enough to sing her favourite song of Kate's, called Caught in the Crowd, up on stage with the star.

“I was so nervous walking up to the stage and during the whole performance,” Stella said.

“It was honestly one of the most special moments I have experienced.

“Kate was so kind and supportive up there. I still am in awe that it actually happened.”

With no prior rehearsals Stella said the impromptu performance went surprisingly smoothly.

“Kate said before we started, ‘None of us have any idea how this is going to go’, but I think it went pretty well,” she said.

“The audience were extremely supportive of me, clapping and cheering along throughout the song.”

Kate Miller-Heidke Moncrieff
Kate Miller-Heidke performed at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on Saturday night.

The Shalom College teacher said while she had never performed with anyone like Kate before, she was no stranger to the stage.

“I’ve never performed with someone as big as Kate but I have definitely experienced performing in front of a crowd,” she said.

“I love singing at weddings and festivals.”

Stella also shares her passion for music as part of her new role as performing arts teacher.

“I’m actually in my first year of teaching at Shalom,” she said.

“I love being able to share my love for music and drama with my students.

“It’s been interesting being on the flip side this year, as I’ve always been a performer, but I love watching my students grow a love for the arts.

“Being a music teacher, I love to use songs such as Caught in The Crowd with my students as the message is so relevant to young people today.”