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Reminders about driving safely in the wet

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It is important to reflect on driving safely in the wet.

With the region experiencing a wet start to summer myPolice Bundaberg has shared it top tips for driving safely in the rain.

A ship shape vehicle is imperative to navigating the rain:

Most vehicles these days are front wheel drive which means your acceleration, braking and steering are heavily reliant on your front tyres.

Make sure they have plenty of tread on them to plough through the water.

Check all your lights are working so others can see you in heavy rain, even if you just use your parkers.

Make sure your wiper blades are new or acceptable and ensure your air conditioner is working so that you have clear vision of the dangers ahead.

When driving safely in the rain:

Think of a safe distance…. now triple it, especially in 100km/h zones.

If it’s flooded, forget it!

You can’t see what’s under the murky water… no reason is good enough to drive through floodwater.

This goes especially for four wheel drive vehicles that are the ones that seem to get swept away most of the time.

Be prepared to get out of bed 30 minutes earlier because chances are the traffic will be crawling.

Lastly, be patient with one another because Santa will be here soon and so will the hugs and kisses of our loved ones.

When faced with floodwater, the bravest and smartest thing you can do is back it up.

Take a look at this video to see just how important it is to drive safely and to conditions.