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Police warn of social media rental scam

Police rental scam
Police are warning Bundaberg Region residents of a social media rental scam currently doing the rounds.

Police are warning the community of a new social media scam that has recently targeted a residence at Bucca.

Bundaberg Police Senior Constable Brittany Duncan said fake rental listings had recently been created for multiple properties and urged the community to remain vigilant when using social media.

“Fake listings are alleged to have been created for properties in the area, with multiple people already falling victim to the scam,” Snr Const Duncan said.

“Police will allege that a man/woman uploads photographs and lists rental properties without appropriate authority on social media sites and under an alias.

“Victims then pay the bond and rent in advance to the man/woman, but when they arrive to take up the tenancy, it is revealed that the listing was false and the property is currently being lived in by its owner.”

If you have been a victim of this scam or have any information, contact Policelink on 131 444.

You can learn more about protecting yourself from rental scams here.

For more information on renting a property, visit the Residential Tenancies Authority here.

You can learn more about scams by visiting the website here or the R U in Control website.

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  1. The way to fix this is to ask for a viewing of the property first with no money down or financial account details shared.

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