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New escape rooms put kids to test

new escape rooms

Bundaberg Regional Libraries is putting children’s minds to the test these school holidays, creating three unique new escape rooms.

The free activities are available to children aged 9 and over.

Bundaberg Regional Council Youth Librarian Jaala Beauchamp said the escape rooms, featuring different themes, had been created to challenge children to develop teamwork and problem-solving skills.

“The purpose of these rooms is to provide kids the chance to learn a range of new skills, from teamwork right through to problem solving skills, communication and patience,” Jaala said.

“They are a way to have some fun and work out different scenarios which will challenge them.

“The participants will be uncovering mysteries and discovering new things, and we encourage them not to be afraid to give it a go.”

The escape rooms are available throughout the school holidays until January 21, 2022.

The three new escape rooms on offer are:

Houdini's Secret Room

The 150-year-old house that belonged to the most famous illusionist Houdini is now a museum. You decide to go there and learn some of his greatest tricks and illusions. Walking around, your curiosity leads you to a secret room, one in which no one has set foot in for over a century. As you enter the room, the door slams shut, leaving you locked inside while the walls start closing in slowly. If you want to get out of this room, you need to get inside the mind of the greatest illusionist and start thinking like him. Can you escape and become the next Houdini?

Wooka Booka Island

A mysterious door appeared in your room out of nowhere! As you walk through it, suddenly you find yourself on the wondrous island of Wooka Booka. There are four animal kingdoms and only one treasure chest. You have a chance to find this long-lost treasure, but first you need to pass the challenges of every kingdom.

Saving the Beauty of Winter

An evil scientist, who hates winter and snow, invents a device that is destroying all the snow in your city. You find his lost, top-secret diary, which might lead to his lab. Now you have a chance to turn off this machine and bring back the magic of winter. Are you brave enough to break into his lab and figure out how to stop this madness?

Bookings needed for new escape rooms

Parent or guardian supervision required.

Each of the sessions run for 45 to 60 minutes and have capacity for two to five children per session.

You can find out more about when each of the escape rooms will be visiting your local library in the program here.

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