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Become a marine biologist for a day

marine biologist day
Natalie and Felicity looking at a rock pool.

Children are encouraged to become marine biologists for a day as part of the latest school holiday activity from Reef Connect.

Local marine biologist and founder of Reef Connect Natalie Lobartolo has added new session times to her popular Marine Biologist For a Day program, aimed at children aged 7 to 12 years

Held along the Bargara coastline, the sessions provide an opportunity for children to break away from technology and spend some quality time outdoors.

Natalie said the sessions were interactive, giving participants the chance to understand the importance of nature while taking part in a range of activities.

“We spend so much time glued to screens these days but it is important that we stay connected to nature,” Natalie said.

“The more we understand about it, the more we will love and appreciate it, and the more inspired we'll be to care about the natural world around us, about ourselves, and the connection between the two.”

Natalie said during the program children would have the opportunity to learn about turtle biology, rockpool critters and all the goodies they find on the beach every day.

“While they may recognise what they are, they may have never stopped to take a closer look at what they actually are, where they come from, and how they fit into the bigger ocean ecosystem picture,” she said.

“All of this is done through fun games and exploration so they won't even realise they're naturally learning about it all.”

The sessions are land based with time spent exploring rockpools and as such, feet may get a little wet.

You can find out more about the sessions and register here.

Reef Connect was founded by Natalie Lobartolo to provide the opportunity for people to have observational, hands-on learning and meaningful experiences in nature as a way to inspire, educate and create positive change.

Event details:
What: Marine Biologist for a Day
When: Thursday, 13 January; Monday, 17 January and Tuesday, 18 January
Where: Bargara beaches and rockpools
Time: Dependent on low tide
Cost: $85 per child

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  1. Hi my granddaughter is on the autism spectrum would she be able to participate in this activity. I as a grandma could be on the sidelines just as an extra .She would love this experience could you please let me know .Thanks Ros Cunningham

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